giovedì 13 gennaio 2011


We are back! 22 days spent in China and two spent flying over the big big Asia. All of this couldn't have been possible without: Wane & Ben, Mr. and Mrs. Daicheng, Cen Cen, Liu Chang, Lau and all the guys at 61 house, Wan Qian, Qiao Xi, all the guys from the Bar on the Road, and from Vox, Shuai Yu, Yuan Rui, An Lei and the great friends in Hezhou, Bao-Ze and all the crazy people from the King of Live, Chen Pa, Law, Chin Lin, Summer and everyone we met at Jiang Hu Bar, Peggy, Jimmy and friends in Guangzhou, Nanchang bands and people, Dick and everyone at Wave, many and lovely people from everywhere in the world at Ningbo's Gate, Lu, Sindi, Jan and a girl (whose name i really can't remember) at Yuyintang. Mostly we'd like to thank Govoni's family which has been the first stone of the whole mountain.
Almost all of them can't check any of our websites or profiles.
We are trying to fix it so to climb over the Great Firewall of China.

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RADIO ACTIVITY ha detto...


Metterei la parola di verifica PERSEMON, ma sono la Nuela! ha detto...

Ah che bello sarebbe fare due parole ....dal vivo..Ciao gentiluomini, ciaoPaolo!